Test Mountain Arms offers laser marking and engraving services. Turnaround time is typically quoted as less than (3) business days, though depending on in-house work and project scope, same day turnaround is possible. Send us your items to be engraved or browse the laser marked products in our store.  We offer multiple item discounts. Email or call us to begin your marking or engraving project today.

Laser marking

Our laser marking services include etching and annealing. The etching provides a nice mark on anodized, parkerized, nitrite and Cerakote finishes with clean, impressive detail. Although anodizing comes in various colors, laser engraving black anodized aluminum provides the best contrast of all colors. Our etching process allows for grayscale and half tone markings, and never impacts the finish. For stainless steel, titanium and chromed parts, laser anneal marking provides a solid black mark with a smooth surface finish. Markable components include:

  • AR lowers & uppers
  • Charging handles
  • Ejection port covers
  • Scopes & rings
  • Pistols slides
  • Barrels
  • Rifle and pistol magazines
  • Picatinny rails

Laser Engraving

This is not laser etching. Laser engraving actually removes material by vaporizing and it leaves a permanent mark that is ATF legal. Laser engraving will not rub off like laser etching can. It is durable, finely detailed and has depth to it. Laser engraved firearms are especially suited for commemorative/special editions, organizational gifts and fundraising tools. There is not a classier gift than a finely engraved, custom firearm.

All custom engravings are on a per quote basis only.

NFA Engraving

We can engrave required NFA Text (name or trust, city, and state) to ATF specifications (1/16" high, with a minimum depth of 0.003") on your SBR, suppressor or other NFA item for $55

Laser Marking Pricing